Debugging Frameworks Kohana PHP Server

howto get kohana 3.3.x or 3.2.x up and running when default route failes after fresh installation

copy the system/classes/kohana/request.php to your application/classes/kohana/request.php directory and open the file.
edit the file at around line 332 in the detect_uri method.

	public static function detect_uri()


		// cut out the initial base part to make sure the internal routing will get correct input
		$uri = str_replace(Kohana::$base_url.Kohana::$index_file, '', $uri);
		return $uri;

Agavi Frameworks XML

Agavi routing specials

Um bestimmte Agavi output_types bei speziellen routings zu bedienen kann man die routing.xml wie folgt anpassen.

<!-- cut out leading slash -->
<route name="slasher" pattern="^/" stop="false" imply="true" cut="true" />

<!-- match ajax calls with special http header -->
<route pattern="XMLHttpRequest" source="_SERVER[HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH]" stop="false" output_type="ajax" />

<!-- match json calls with special http header -->
<route pattern="application/json" source="_SERVER[HTTP_ACCEPT]" stop="false" output_type="json" />

<!-- cut out special pointer -->
<route name="portal" pattern="^({portal:[a-zA-Z]{3}}/)?" stop="false" imply="true" cut="true">
        <callback class="RoutingCallback" />