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Agavi auf XAMPP und Windows

25. Oktober 2009 Kommentare deaktiviert für Agavi auf XAMPP und Windows By webpirat

Nachdem ich das offizielle Agavi DOC durchforstet habe und keine Lösung für meine Testumgebung fand, stieß ich auf diesen Link hier:


Herr Holywell selbst hat eine prima Einführung in die Installation von Agavi auf XAMPP und Windows geliefert.

Hier der Post im Original:

Having recently heard of the Agavi project from a web framework showdown at a PHP conference in the UK I have decided to trial it. My setup is a WinXP computer with a default install of the latest XAMPP which has thrown up some issues with installing and building Agavi. Please see my hints below to overcome these issues.

1. Open a command prompt (type cmd in the run console)
2. Navigate to your XAMMP PHP directory. Mine is C:\xampp-test\php
3. Execute pear.bat channel-discover pear.agavi.org
4. Execute pear.bat install agavi/agavi

Agavi is now installed! Now we just need a new default project to work from.

Agavi needs to be told where the phing batch file is stored.

1. Edit the agavi.bat file in the XAMPP php directory. Mine is C:\xampp-test\php\agavi.bat
2. Change set PHING_COMMAND=phing to contain the full absolute path to phing.bat which is in the XAMPP php folder. Mine looks like this: set PHING_COMMAND=C:\xampp-test\php\phing.bat

Begin setting up your project directory.

1. Create a new directory in your XAMPP directory. Mine is C:xampp-testhtdocssimonholywell.com
2. Create an empty text file called build.properties in the directory (this banishes a build error where phing fails if it cannot find the file)
3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the new directory
4. Execute agavi.bat project The agavi.bat file is stored in the XAMPP php folder. My command looked like this: C:\xampp-test\php\agavi.bat project
5. Follow the prompts the installer gives you (hitting enter will supply the installer with the [default] value)

Agavi should now be setup for your project. View it in your browser to verify.

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